Pre – Post Matrimonial Investigation

Pre and Post Matrimonial Screening

Since marriages are increasingly initiated and arranged through matrimonial consultants and Websites, which may involve heavily high risk in dealing with strangers, the Pre Matrimonial Investigations are very much obligatory in the modern trend. Therefore, in order to avoid unhappy married life, going through Pre Matrimonial Investigation is suggested.

Obviously a successful marriage is not only choosing a right soul mate but also to travel your life journey safe with that right soul mate without any non-replaceable interrupts. Nowadays we often come through various extra-marital affairs and the spouses being dishonest to each other’s. An unusual unforeseen change in the behavior of either of the spouses can be threatening to their happy married life. Remarkably before taking actions regarding that either of them should have a clear self-examination and to make it possible have to opt for Post Matrimonial Screening.


We use modern gadgets and technologies to observe the movements of each individuals as desired by the client and gather both video and photographic evidence. Through Surveillance investigation, we can track and catalog the nukes and corners of an individual in front of you like an open accessible booklet. Regular surveillance of an individual helps to expose each and every movement throughout their routine life.

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