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Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation

Today with an increas in online matrimony sites in India,Relationships and born in cyber space. Moral and ethnic values of wedding have been degraded by infidelity itself. with the booming cases of forgery and blatant cheating in the name of marriage in india,There is no surprise that you need to keep enquirer of every details of your future bride or groom, within just few meeting we cannot build a trust to spend a whole life together. So to get rid of this ambiguity an insecurity probe services come into play clear the doubt in your mind, the purpose of background check is to verify the authenticity of the claims made by an individual and to establish the genuineness of characters and identity .


Being a leading pre-matrimonial investigation Company we give you peace of mind for the further proceeding of marriage or get ready to tie a knot. Our investigation lets you take the right decision of marriage and saves your precious life from getting into a worse married life experience.

It may be possible that your potential partner has never introduced you to his/her friends. Maybe he/she is avoiding it to provide his/her whereabouts. Maybe he/she hesitates to discuss the past. Possibly, you don’t know where he/she works or worry that he/she lies about his/her work position or salary. There may be a chance of affair and abusive nature. On another hand, you are in a happy relationship and just want to sure that everything is fine. Whatever the reason for pre-matrimonial verification we will do with dedication and commitment.

A premarital investigation can be commenced by the groom or bride, as well as the family on either side of the union. No one wants to think anything bad about their fiance, but the realities of life demonstrate that sometimes people are deceptive about their past history and present marriage motives. It would be a shame to marry someone and then become the victim of fraud or worse, when motives for criminal and unethical behavior can often be discovered in advance during a background check.

This helpful guide assists people in better understanding investigations that can shed light on problematic pasts, prior to being joined forever in wedlock

It is difficult to imagine that the person you trust may be deceiving you. However, the confidence game shows no exceptions for romance. Even if your love is strong, there may still be doubts about a person, from hints which have come up in the past.

If your son, daughter, brother or sister is planning a wedding a person whom you highly distrust, it may be a good idea to hire a professional investigator to look into that person’s past. If nothing is found, no one need know about the investigation. However, if something really bad comes to light, you might just save your loved one from heartbreak or far worse.

Consult For more information about what can be done to check out a person prior to marriage.

Before getting married, some people just want to be sure that the person they are bonding with is actually who they say they are. A nasty little surprise in someone’s past can be big trouble once wedding vows have been taken.

Many times, this type of pre-marital investigation is commissioned by the parents or siblings of one of the parties to be wed, on the basis of mistrust of their proposed in-law. Unfortunately, these feelings of suspicion often turn out to be very justified, since the wife or husband-to-be may have some serious skeletons in their closets.

We can perform a variety of steps to ensure that a person has been honest about their past and does not present an actual or financial danger to their to-be spouse


Post marital residence patterns indicate where couples typically rerside after marriage including but not exclusive to , patterns that are patrilocal , matrilocal, ambilocal , neolocal , natolocal , and avunulocal ( fox 1967).

We have all heard these stories : one marries a perfectly good partner . they live happily for a while before the partner starts engaging in unexpected behavior . they have suspicious activities which their partners do not know about until it is too late. the end is usually a bitter breakup which may entail a divorce or separation . we do not want you to suffer the same fate .

our work and results

You have a team of the best detectives to carry out post matrimonial investigation to find out the truth about any fears you have concerning your partner .leave us the task of establishing everything we find suspicious about your partner.

Once you have contacted the national detective agency and our team of experts , we will carry out several activities to establish any suspicious activities from your partner . we will establish where they spend most of their time when not at home , we establish what is they exactly do when  away from you. these activities will enable you make conclusions about what they do that may harm your marriage . your partner do not cheat on you under your nose when our team of experienced detectives can look out for that instead.

Our post  matrimonial investigation services also include finding out about their communication patterns. who do they call most times for example ? and who is  that person to them? knowing these aspects involves focusing our efforts on the major. we will anonymously find their phone records as far as their calls and text messages are concerned.

Best thing for you is that , you have the national detective agency to do all the work for you. before you know it , we will bring you a list of the people they most  often communicate with not only that , you will know what they talk about with the help of post matrimonial service , you get all information you are looking related to your spouse. we have team of experts who already solved thousands of cases till 2004 . hope you will be find  your solution of your problems. 

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